Terms and Conditions


Shipping and Delivery


  1. Caline Chocolate factory is responsible of delivering the products to the country of which the website region designated. Therefor, we are not responsible if the customer ordered from UAE website and the final destination is in Saudi Arabia as an example.
  1. A signature of customers will always be required upon deliveries as a legal grantee for Caline Chocolate factory in event of lost shipments
  1. The shipping address of customers will be transferred to the shipping company According to what customers Wrote exactly without any Modifications.
  1. Caline chocolate factory is not responsible for a failed deliveries or any damage of the chocolate when :
  • The customer not responding to the calls of Caline delivery team or the shipping company.
  • the customer provides an incorrect address or incomplete informations.
  • if nobody present at the address specified by the customer.
  • the customer does not immediately within 24 hours provide a correct/new address or full informations for delivery.





Caline is Committed to solve any issue or problem related to the products mentioned by the costumers in a way that satisfy both parties. and not excepting any way of defamation or abuse. Caline have the right to take legal action against any defamation or abuse by the client.

The issues and problems related to product includes the chocolate condition, quantity, or the kind ordered by the customer. and Caline committed to solve these problems according to terms and condition of quality and remaining Customer satisfactions policies.



Recovery and Replacement


In case that the customer wishes to refund or replace any of the product after receiving and the customer willing to pay the fees of returning these products to factory, Caline shall Refund the amount of money or replace the products to others after checking the products condition.